Closet Gallery is a live streamed project space located in a closet in an apartment in Montreal.

For each project, an emerging artist installs their work in the closet and it’s shared at
through a webcam live stream. Viewing hours are determined in relation to each exhibition.

Closet Gallery brings an element of accessibility by existing online. It seeks to consider and engage with a wider public in a virtual space. Since its inception, Closet Gallery has been viewed for a combined total of over 25,000 minutes in 20 countries. The ease of availability of online content brings us to question how art will continue to be accessed. How can we push the limits of how art is viewed and disseminated online, and what is considered a “professional” space?

The absurdness of a closet as an exhibition venue, a tiny space typically used to store things away from view, shows a humorous yet critical take on the spaces that are available to emerging artists. What might be seen as a less than ideal venue, perhaps even an act of desperation, becomes a unique opportunity to make the most of what is available and investigate the challenges of a DIY space.

Closet Gallery is a project by Lisa Theriault and Phil Mercier.